Hello everyone! I had a pretty busy/dynamic schedule this week so I wanted to give you all a glimpse of what a week in my life as a consultant could look like.


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  1. I feel like, I really like this kind of vlog routines, it's realistic. Not trying so hard to makes everything looks perfect. I'm looking for your vlog in days because but I can't find it, and finally I found you again. I'm so happy ❤ And oh, I'm a new subscriber ☺

  2. Hi Sam. These vlogs are life, and really motivating for an undergrad. I'll be doing a summer placement at a consulting firm in a few months… Did you do any internships before started got your permanent role?

  3. This is the dumbest fucking video on youtube. So all a consultant does is eat, go to the gym, and talk about going to work? There should be a drinking game to this video…take a shot every time this chick says the word "literally".

  4. Ok, I watched the whole video…. hoping to hear somewhere what is it that you actually do, consulting/projects in what industry, what sort of work do you do on the computer, what is it that you do!?

  5. Just found your channel and I'm loving the content on consulting. Great insights!
    Would love to see more videos about how and why you got into consulting and any advice(s) for future consultants. Thank you!!

    looking forward to your videos!
    – your new subscriber from Singapore

  6. I love this! I work 8-5 Monday-Thursday and it's really nice seeing someone else working as much as I do and still vlogging and getting other stuff done! It's been the same weather here in Toronto, it feels like Summer one day and Fall the next… I never know how to dress! I always plan out my next day before leaving at night too, it helps me a lot! I loved seeing all of your work outfits too, they're all so cute! I just found your channel and subscribed, I hope you'll check out mine as well! <3

  7. More work week vlogs! I love these; I find you so personable. Its interesting to watch another person juggle their busy work week. We can all benefit from each other in finding alternative ways to organize and prioritize our lives! Keep up the hard work!

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