An old vlog from my big 4 consulting job that I quit in February! It was a rough week lol Why I quit this job: …


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  1. 8:27 even your mind is telling you that you should quit with that small word mistake… But its good that you tried it anyway! I might start working for PWC and even if all the youtube videos and friends are against it, I still want to do my own experience but with having in mind that most of people are very stressed out in that environment, I am going there very peacefully 🙂
    Thanks for the video !
    – Patrick

  2. Girl, yes! I have been there! I am glad you quit and put your mental health first. I stayed for a year and a half and a year later I am still having nightmares and flashbacks. You are so strong! You deserve a job that makes you happy! ❤️

  3. Thanks for a super honest video, Zoe. I think sometimes being vulnerable is an act of being strong :)) and that's why I love your video. I once worked for a big 4 firm and experienced same things like you did. Tough experiences, working long hours and even at weekend as well as national holiday :)). Sounds crazy but it's true.
    Hope you're doing well with your new job. Best of luck

  4. I really appreciate that you uploaded this video because I used to feel the same way in my old job (I also worked as a management consultant in a boutique firm) and it's refreshing to see someone going through the same experience and better yet knowing that you are in a better place now after quitting that job. I quit my job too and I don't regret it at all, you took a good decision by leaving that place if you were not comfortable and was taking a toll on your mental health! Greetings from Mexico!

    P.D. I used to go for a walk with my co-workers every day too and it was the highlight of my day haha

  5. So happy you were able to let this out and now move on without it. This is honestly how a lot of people feel when they first enter the corporate workforce. I know I was in my own thoughts too much and feedback was highly desired but also highly sensitive. It’s a learning process to be a working adult but this shows being honest and that’s why I watch your videos. Thanks and look forward to more!

  6. This is definitely the real life of working at a big 4. I can relate to you constantly saying how you aren’t complaining about your job and how you knew what you were getting yourself into when you accepted the job. I don’t know why we try to justify the fact we are unhappy. I think deep down we just hope things will get better with time but then realize they don’t. It’s so hard to deal with the constant stress, pressure, and the toxic environment. I am glad you are doing better now after leaving your old job!

  7. This resonates with me so much. I'm at a Big 4 too and always have the internal monologue of "This job sucks all the joy out of life but I shouldn't complain because I knew what I was signing up for and should be grateful". Also totally relate to the 6am classes and impulse buying to cope with work. Glad you're happier now!

  8. Hi Zoe. Thanks for the upload, and showing some real rawness and vulnerability. It takes a lot of courage to do that, so well done. You should feel proud of yourself!!

    Feel free to disagree, but I think it'd be interesting to see you provide commentary on the vlog, hence providing some context of particular scenes in it. In my opinion, that'd add some interesting insight.

    Also, greetings from Sydney, Australia 🙂

  9. I think u feel guilty of not performing ur best in your previous job. But its okay girl. I feel u. We all do! And its okay to get out of things not meant for u. Plus these big 4s have this thing where they make u feel that u dont fit in. And they do succeed. Dont let them! U do superb girl. More power to u. Not ur fault!!!❤️

  10. People around the world go through to this and many more stressful situations, and they can't just quit. There are 3 or 5 year old children in Africa mining for rich corporations…if you are in NA and you have a chance it's best to change your career do it.

  11. Oh man, again this reminds me of last job which was in consulting. I didn't realize nearly how miserable I was until I left. It was like a bad relationship! I was thinking about work nonstop even when I wasn't working, so sometimes I wouldn't have too much to "do" at night, but in reality I was nonstop checking my email, planning out tomorrow, planning out how I would get things done or what I would say in meetings etc etc. Ughhh! So much happier now that I have a true work life balance

  12. Hey Zoe, your original video on the Big 4 job had been the first one I've seen from your channel. Since I had a similar experience at Ernst & Young I really could relate to what you've said and watching your old records let me think about my own fights and how I tried to justify the situation at that time. In contrast to you I stayed about 4 years. Now I'm really happy that I'm not part of that firm culture any more.

  13. One thing I have noticed really much : You just look tired and exhausted. I am so happy for you that you left that job.
    I also left my toxic job and Im starting to heal and be myself again.
    Good luck!

  14. You def made the right choice with the switch. What are the main differences between your job then and now… besides the larger work load/lack of work life balance? I know you said you wanted to put your past job behind you but I’d love a comparison video if you’re up to it. Loved the video as always. Thanks for being so open!

  15. Watching your video when you said "last week was rough, this week is going to be better" it was such a deja vu. That's what so many people tell themselves who are miserable at their work

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