WORK WEEK IN MY LIFE {Corporate, 9-5}! As a management consultant in Montreal… Follow me along in my corporate week as I work too much, attend some …


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  1. Hey I am older than most of you here and overall have 9 years of work experience. I got into consulting after working at different companies for three years. I had 5 years in consulting , 2 and half years as support staff in really establishing the brand in in the market, then half year adjusting to the advisory service line and worked for two years in two separate service lines. I learnt so much skills in two years …I wish i had been on projects more or started earlier …however I had learnt that consulting culture in big 4 is not my thing no matter how much i was exposed more than anyother place i have been at I just wish especially in my country where work skills are really not well taught at jobs and I wish we could have more companies here where skills are well honed and developed.Still I will not go back to consulting for various reasons.Smaller consulting companies have more applicable and practical things to show for so am not gonna do abstract things that are particularly not as much relevant in third world country except for the finance staff which is very applicable anywhere.But strategy, tech and org dev't are yet yet very infant here s,o big brands don't do well here interms of finding clients that will pay .so I did more of hassling of getting clients and winning bids rather doing actual jobs but if you are in finance you can do a lot … yeah will never join big 4 but thankful I had seen it really it was amazing.P.S I love your videos they make me motivated to work especially in quarantine

  2. By minute 17:36 I've heard…this is my outfit, I eat arugula, I'm watching TV after work, I am making a smoothie, let me show u my Zara sweater, and one little thing about the company I'm consulting for is going through change and we're managing that…and we're gonna go shopping now, today was a good day and I'm taking the next day off. Literally makes me think any pretty nit who picks up on social cues could do consulting. A day in the life of a consultant seems like someone completely uninspired by their job who uses it to have a nice lifestyle.

  3. How much sleep window are you keeping jbtw?
    You look very sleep deprived at some parts of the video. Hope thats usual and not because you are stressing the work.

  4. So interested in your channel. If possible please talk more about what it's like being a consultant, how did you get into it (ie major in uni/ internships) Im thinking of becoming one, and your insight would be so helpful. Lots of Love :))

  5. Just found your channel and I'm loving the content on consulting. Great insights!
    Would love to see more videos about how and why you got into consulting and any advice(s) for future consultants. Thank you!!

  6. I just found your channel bc I was searching for a long work week vlog to watch, I subscribed immediately ! You have such a joyous and authentic personality…I would love to see more of these weekly vlogs, I think you could attract a lot of people to your channel bc you have a relatable life. Love from Paris <3

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