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  1. I love the mix in marketing of creative and analytical. You have to be able to understand the data AND make great ads. Lots of hats. I’m so happy that THIS field is the thing I’m really good at haha

  2. I’m now seeing your video apologizes for my for tardiness lol this is a beautiful piece you out together thank so much. Very informative. I’m actually studying computer networking right now and at the same time I’m researching different ways and options that’s available to combine with all that I’m learning. For example I’m a superior sports head. I eat sleep and breath the stuff. So I’m like ok perhaps there’s some franchise out there like the NY Giants who’s looking for support with internet security for their company website. Feel me? So I’ve recently been very intrigued with the field of marketing and the schemes behind it. Especially since I do plan on starting my own business one day such as opening my own restaurant and other types of businesses as well. I’m gonna need all the knowledge I can get on how to get my company’s name out there. So any and all info you could throw at me would be greatly appreciated. By the way your accent is absolutely to die for lol where are you from? I’m an aspiring voiceover actor as well and part of succeeding in this field is learning different languages, accents, etc. If I could learn your accent I’d be a shoe in for a lot more successful auditions lol. Ok take care now

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