What is Consulting? In this video, I decided to dig deeper and tell you all about IT Consulting since it’s not as popular as Management Consulting that everyone …


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  1. Hi Primal, I enjoyed your content very much! I have a question that I'm kinda wondering: Is IT consultant essentially the same as a system integrator? Or are these two handle 2 completely different tasks?

  2. Hi!
    I wanted to know what are the different roles that are on an IT consulting team. I presumed that an IT consultant just does market research and provides some data based on which decisions can be made related to the project, didn't know that they actually solve the project (create the application).
    Can you please clarify on this.

  3. Pretty accurate! Cheers from Argentina, your videos are simply amazing and really well elaborated. No doubts you deserve more views.
    Keep it up!

  4. Awesome video! Graduating in December 2020, and I want to get into Technology/IT consulting, so this is the perfect video. Any advice and tips for resume and job search specific to this position? Thank you!

  5. Great video! There's no doubt that IT consulting is a growing field but do you think the focus on a specific software (Workday in your case) hurts your exit options?

  6. Awesome video as usual Mahdi. Definitely agree this is an awesome career to get into. If I recall correctly only around 1/5 of things that will eventually be on the cloud are on the cloud at this current time. Cloud migrations are a huge area and also lots of frameworks + apps are cloud hosted, e.g. Workday, Xero, machine learning frameworks by google or IBM, and more and more companies will use these going forward. If you know how to use these and configure these for different clients you will never be out of work.
    If anything, I feel like the difficult part is trying to figure out what exactly you want to specialise in, because you're just spoiled for choice.

  7. Thank you so much Mr Mahdi for your valuable vidéos. I spent the last three days on your youtube channel. Could you please update the link for the resume with no experience check-list. The link in the description does not work anymore. Thank you so much, you are my hero , i admire youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    I am speaking about the link in the description section of this video : How to Get a Job Without Experience: 5 [Actionable] Strategies that Work (in 2019)
    Thank youuuuuu

  8. Insane that the jobs only dropped 5%! Not sure why IT consulting doesn't get the hype that other types of consulting does. Over the past 5 years, it is the fastest growing part of consulting (especially digital) – bringing the most revenue in and hence, since you get promoted based on that….a good career to be in! Super informative video! Loved the bit about we have to do it all over again haha!

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