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  1. So is there some ethical standards amongst copywriters? I’ve been in traditional retail sales before and the best sales people were also the slimiest and manipulative people I’ve met. Is the copywrite world full of sharks like retail? Just wondering before I get started as I’m not someone to leave my morals at the door to make a buck.

  2. Okay, I stroll on the internet try to looking the simplest way to understand the copywriting. Finally, I found your video.

    Your explanation ia very simple and it sound full of joy. But, still, I feel worried to use copywriting as a job. I don't have good English skills.

    But, I'll try my best to be a copywriter. Hope this will bring a new future for me.

    Again, thanks for you explanation.

  3. Beginner here, so excuse me if this is a dumb question but how do you go about selling your actual copy to a client? Would you send them what you wrote for them through an e mail and if they see it can’t they just copy and paste what you wrote without even paying you? That might sound completely out of order but if anyone would be willing to share with me the actual process and how you make the trade of your copy write for the clients money?

  4. Today I learned
    Call To Action

    My Example

    Attention ==> Trending News
    Benifits or Big Promise ==> Coupon
    Call To Action ==> Buy Now

    Is this Correct?

    I will watch upcoming videos of this Playlist

  5. Hi Alex. How do you find the 'market sophistication stage' of a product or service? I mean how do you or what tools do you use to research for the product or service to derive the pain points and their desires for a specific product or service? Final Question: why aren't you coming up with a course?

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