What Is Copywriting And How Do You Get Into It? This Is A NEW High-Income Skill That Some Are Using To Reclaim Their Weekends, Evenings, And Financial …


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  2. I have been pondering about the idea of being a copywriter for long term, but I do not even have the relevant basic skill or experience in this field. What are the prerequisites to be a copywriter?
    My previous job was a desk-bound air ticketing travel agent, no copywriting skill at all 🙁

  3. the first 3 minutes of the vid and i have all ready learnt some thing thanks :3 i cinda think i needed the knowledge at the moment truly thanks.

  4. I learned to copywrite when I was in my 20's – in a top 10 ad agency in HONG KONG.
    I wrote the first print ads for the HP Laserjet – amongst many others.
    Every now and then I return to this skillset and augment my income a bit when ogther income sreams are in short supply. Like now! LOL

    And yes – e's right – it is a SKILL. A learnable skill.

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