What is Copywriting and Where to Start? Hey guys, In Today’s video, I am sharing What is Copywriting and where to start with if you want to become a copywriter …


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  1. Fine, saheli ji, this speech about copywriting is wonderful and as little aged beginner interested in freelancing , finding ur speech much encouraging,
    can i get one morevideo about copywriting.


  2. In just a span of 10 minutes, you have explained very clearly about what is copywriting, how it works and the business, how to write copywriting, and how about the career growth in copywriting

  3. As always fine, saheli ji , also give us some more detailed copy writing examples in continuation with ur earlier one. These are vastly useful as a beginner to me. Thanks and have a nice day .

  4. Saheli, I have two questions on which I request your response:

    1. You recommended connecting with International clients so one can charge premium rates. Now how can we make sure that these clients are 100% legit and that we don't get scammed?

    2. Could you please make a detailed video on the AIDA Formula?

    Thank you so much 🙂

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