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  1. Plenty of buzzwords (all potatoes and no meat) – basically in my understanding consulting is usually undertaken by Management Consultants to help companies reduce costs and therefore increase profit for Shareholders, Directors and Dividends. Easiest way to do this is trim Staff Levels and relocate where possible for Tax Breaks.

  2. Hey Kchoi! I’m a technology consultant and also have a channel focused on tech consulting. Love your channel and for shining light on change management! Definitely helps to learn more about that side of consulting too!

  3. I agree that there are still many cliches linked to the profession but you have done a good job in explaining what consulting is in simple terms!

  4. my question is….how can you give them a solution? you just have to think logically and creatively? or are you educated on these things by your company? by your school? how? lol Also, why do companies pay consultants to fly? they can just do zoom! I'd love to fly though every month or so. that's pretty cool

  5. Hello Kchoi, thank you for your great explanation, can you do us a video on how can a consultant understand different businesses and client needs, and adapt to them in order to visualize future implementations or solutions. Thank you.

  6. my company paid USD 56K for a power point slide.

    It was an IT engagement, and they basically sent a guy in a suit to front the engagement – he had the full gear, mont blanc pen and tie clip, black leather notebook(which i saw him scribbling tornadoes when his colleague was talking). he went back passed all the work to India, and came back with a 96 page slide detailing to us things that WE TOLD THEM, and it was fluffed up with high-level flow charts that was impractical in actual IT execution. Mind you, no actual work was done yet. It was just an 'audit' and proposal of next-steps which they were asking for a ridiculous amount.

    Needless to say, on-ground workers like us called them out for their BS publicly and ended their daylight scam. and i want to call out these fakers at PWC – your work sucks, your "consultants" are nothing but sales people, and behind that big 4 brand it's really just average calibre folks doing musical chairs around the industry.

    To the fresh grads reading this, not all consultancies are bad. As a customer I find the smaller "underdog" types to perform much better, they deliver much more honest work and are 'hungrier' to keep a customer relationship. Good luck!

  7. Hi KChoi, is there any certificate worth getting for doing a consulting job? Either to make myself more competitive before entering this industry or be more knowledgeable after entering. Eg. PMP (project management professional cert – is this useful and worth paying lots of time on learning and getting this? ) Or any other else? Thank you!

  8. Great video and insight! I work at a Big 4 firm and it's interesting how many services we offer! I actually just shared a video on what consultants do at a Big 4 firm ✨

  9. Hey question I’m interested in starting a consultant business for small businesses but I’m also interested in music management as well. How can I do both or put both under the same company name? Or will I run into a problem?

  10. Hey i really want to know about how to get a carrier as a flexible consultant, i mean some people have to join a big consultant company and do a job from there, so get a job 9a.m-5p.m. And what should i do to prepare myself to be like you, now i am in my last year undergraduate college

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