What the heck does a consultant do? The King of High Ticket Sales Dan Lok explains it here. Watch the Successful Coaching & Consulting Secrets series here: …


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  3. Your speech is really mind opening, amazing insight
    To think that I should be paying you for this lecture, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Dan

  4. Great video and insight Dan! I work at a Big 4 firm and it's interesting how the core business is so similar even at the individual consultant level! I actually just shared a video on what consultants do at a Big 4 firm ✨

  5. Hello mr Dan Lok! It's being a pleasure to learn from. I understood that I have to sell specific knowledge. I would like to know from you, how can I make a relation between the tips in this video and my consultant business in Energy?

  6. What are you selling as a consultant??
    1. Specialized knowledge
    2. Fresh eyes
    3. Some time ask stuiped questions :-
    4. Help them find opportunities
    5. Provide them some connections
    6. Give them some Resources
    7. Challenge them with their limits
    8. Help them with Implementation
    9. Accountability
    10. Recognition (make them feel great about the success they made)
    11. Validation ( verify an action they wanna do)
    12. Motivation
    13. Certainty
    your selling certainty in uncertain world

  7. I am so happy to have come across your account. I start a new role as a payroll consultant/implementation and this is very helpful. Any tips for a complete new starter? Thank you

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