There was a local auction last weekend, so we hopped over and bought you a Christmas present. Have you ever been to an auction? What will you offer me for …


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  1. I've been to drug seized auctions bought a 50 Chevy with big block camaro subframe needed paint and interior 350.00.Bought a d50 dodge with gold wheels cop ask me if I had someone to follow me home they were real gold plated

  2. Think about it… all this is evidence, … likely STOLEN, and the cops/district atty, fail to return any of the stolen property to owners! That is a form of Theft, and conversion.

  3. small dairy or brewery industry might want the couplers. Those bizarre huge valves look like they might make great potato guns. But I don't think I'll ever attend such an auction

  4. Cops in London UK called me to identify all my shit that had been burgled from my house. But they wouldn't release it to me because it was evidence. I never got it back. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Cops AND robbers"

  5. Dewalt drill: Not worth anything – to the right person. Knowing how to replace the battery pack with a lithium battery pack – worth better than new to virtually anyone.

  6. The connector/valve at 5:50 is a dry break fitting used to transfer fluids, usually flammable, without spillage when disconnecting. 6:21 ditto, different size dry break. They are worth way more individually than what you paid for everything.

  7. Id buy the drill for you at the right price its not obslite i have to of them at home and i use them for my woodwork if you want to sell the dewalt drill id be happy to buy it

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