This video is from the UCS Submitters Annual Conference, 2018 held in Dulles, VA. For more information, please visit


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  1. This was a amazing speech! I used to put my faith and trust in weapons – was specifically conditioned that way through years of "operant conditioning" . Then one day, many years after after I started to read the Quran I realized I do have a serious problem here – I trust that gun ( I carry around) more than I trust God. So I put it away as act of faith. Haven't had a real street fight or brawl or problem since. Which is amazing to me, because of the frequency I was running into troubles at the time living on the mean streets of America. But I had to deal with the underlying problem – spiritually first. It wasn't until I dealt with the problem that the symptoms went away. In regard to telling people "not put on seat belts", that is a bit peculiar to me. In some states that kind of advice is against the law, and you could get ticketed and fined for that, if your discovered not wearing a seat belt for example. Look when you get into a vehicle you assume certain risks you otherwise would not. For example you will travel at high speed in some cases , in excess of 65 miles per hour, is not uncommon – its prudent to wear a seat belt under those conditions and still trust God. Let's not get all stupid here! God made those seat belts for a reason!

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