In this keynote from November 2019 in Brazil, Gary talks about a lot of the new and emerging marketings tactics that he is starting to see work that nobody is …


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    0:49 – Start of keynote
    1:20 – Gary’s origin story
    3:44 – Making money and reinvesting vs raising capital
    5:02 – The quicker you want it, the more vulnerable you are
    7:15 – Before you can sell anything, you need somebody’s attention
    9:24 – The power of the phone
    12:46 – 90% of this audience doesn’t post because they worry about judgment
    14:55 – We’ve become remarkably impatient
    15:50 – The two things you need to do immediately as a B2B business
    16:58 – The only unique leverage you have in this room is you yourself
    18:24 – The internet is eliminating the middle
    21:40: The reason for me to be here today
    23:24 – Jab, jab, jab, right hook
    26:25 – This is a volume warfare
    30:19 – Judgement is crippling our society
    33:48 – Two enormous opportunities for you: Tik Tok & Audio
    37:47 – Start of Q&A
    38:05 – What can I do to support my child?
    41:20 – Should I stay in my small town or leave?
    43:40 – Can I have a picture with you?
    44:20 – What can we do to get more clients?
    47:30 – How do you convince others?
    49:58 – How can we remove anxiety from Instagram?
    52:02 – What’s the best way to go global?
    53:55 – I came here to practice jab, jab, jab, right hook
    57:59 – How can I scale my cannabis business online?
    1:00:00 – What happened after reading and executing on “Crush It”
    1:01:10 – How do you think teaching will change over the next few years?
    1:04:23 – The odds of becoming a human being is 400 trillion to 1
    1:06:26 – What rituals do you do every day?
    1:09:11 – Why do you want to buy the NY Jets?
    1:12:27 – What keeps you up at night?
    1:14:56 – How do you prioritize your life?
    1:18:00 – Happy birthday, Gary!

  2. I used to advocate against working for free, too, but once you have a presentation deck with past results and referrals, it becomes a lot easier to sell to new customers. I didn't work for free but I did work for cheap and the presentation deck works. Listen to Gary- he is right.

  3. It has been successful with Mr Marco @tradefx__with_marco on insta . I started with $900 and got my return in just 4 days, he’s transparency and accountability has always been best @tradefx__with_marco

  4. I’m guzzling the kook aid, everything you put out that I have seen is fire. Thank you!
    I’m officially in the Gary V academy. I upped my posts on the social media channels, I have my guy from Upwork quote me for a blog, I got a mentor to help me set up and get up to speed for the podcast going.

  5. GOOD WORK. SO MUCH HYPE everyone wants to attract money not actually attract the knowledge. I want you to study and talk about this effect, the phycological effect that people possess.

  6. (Me I'm 18yrs old) The reason why people at young age stress is cuz of school. You need to make decisions for your future self fast at such a young age. Its all for your career later. People worry about that. Everyone wants to be successful and the education system is just messed up the way it works. School fails to help people or guide people. It's a prison more so, the way it works rn

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  8. Thank you for a wonderful speech. I am very convinced that if i can't make videos, thats not the end of the world I can still do audio and writing to convey my ideas. POWER OF AUDIO!!

  9. I really like this crowd, they actually stayed silent and listened to what he was saying for once instead of woop wooping every second or clapping every time he said something smart

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  11. I just discovered you today and have one wee suggestion that may help at your summits… Tape a glow stick to the microphone and you would be able to see where the microphones are in the audience. Added a like. Going to watch next Youtube cast.

  12. 3:43 am in Sweden finished watching the video- Good staff, really worth it lied to my employer that I am sick and skipped the fucking packaging. Maybe this video has got into my neuron cells and will impact me to get started by my own and quit the shitty job . Thanks @Garry

  13. I love his talks, but at times he promotes the social platforms so Hard, one starts questioning are these giant companies paying him to encourage people to be more active.

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