Georgia, Reynold and Jessie face off in the return of the auction challenge from series 6! Subscribe to MasterChef Australia for more videos: …


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  1. This was the only reason I did NOT like this season of MC Australia. Unlike the other MC competitions including MC USA there is a level of love between the competitors that is not seen in other series. Canada maybe a little but not like Australia. The reason I do not like this particular season comes down to the competitors. Jessica, Georgia, Reynold, Matthew, Jessie, Billie and even those left prior all support one another they are not on the side lines kicking each other in the back, trying to knock one another down, I sense a feeling of genuine care for one another that started at the beginning and lasted until the end. I usually have a favorite and root for them in this one it was Jessica all the way, but I hated seeing others go and yes was super happy Billie won the competition. There is something about this series I love and thats the competitors attitudes and their genuine personalities. If everyone in Australia is as nice as these people are I want to leave the US and live there.

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