I made this series of mini-docs with artsy.net and UBS about the contemporary art market. The idea was to tackle a difficult subject and offer a primer on how to …


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  1. all that garbage for that amount of money, this people live on another frequency… the fact that someone pays that much for that shit, while millions of people barely have to eat, is proof we need to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  2. Kind of fun to watch – its an amusing demonstration of the creative dimension being atvthe base of our ways of acting and thinking – and its also a narrative of how power is an important part of human consciousness. It seems to be a playground for the creation of modern World. And at the same time there are the eternal questions of quality. What is the important quality of a piece of art? Or anything else in our ways of acting and thinking –

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  4. To think the rich and greedy take the marrow from the poor and needy and buy this overrated shit – God has left us long ago and he has left us with the plague of stupidity this is why people like Trump can fuck the world and we just sit there in wonder and applaud.

  5. I’m confused by the woman who seemed to be upset that collectors had a lot of the same artist in their collection. Wouldn’t someone who is a collector and likes a certain artist want to collect art by that artist? I don’t understand why that would be upsetting in any way.

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