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  1. have to say you made me laugh when you mention god forbid we lose our sense of humor, lol think a lot of people forgot what that is.
    wow, on Tubebuddy…. had no idea…. I have a lot of work ahead of me that's for sure.

  2. I wish Teachable was better… they deleted 3/4 of the content of my signature course (I know I should have created a backup but I created the content on the go), and I had my payments disappear twice! Besides that, their support team is awful. Their affiliate program might be attractive, yes, but they must improve their service! Specially when you’re paying 99 dollars per month!

  3. As someone who owns a brick and morter. This is some slimy business from the get go. I spent YEARS trying to keep the kid down the street from mimicking my real business. Your not helping them get that spot your stealing it via optimization. In fact under Google rules you are breaking them. disgusting misuse of internet. How many are not in top 3 while you WAIT for someone to pay your fee? Hitech mob tactic. pay us or we make your business go away.

  4. Which affiliate program am I thinking of using? I would say Tubebuddy Affiliate Program. I have been using them for every video I post. It's a great tool. As you have mentioned, we should promote those great programs we use ourselves.

  5. I believe you and the people at Think Media would be a good fit. Both of your channels work to helping others in the creators field. As you asked who to work with? I would say, talk to Think Media about a collaboration video.

  6. The most interesting to me is going to be Amazon, and it's not all that interesting. The reason is that none of those have anything to do with what it is that I do, which is language-learning.

  7. I don't know if anyone will be able to answer this for me. I’m interested in becoming an affiliate marketer using clickbank. I live in Jamaica. The only concern I have is how I would go ahead in paying the necessary taxes. Is it that I would just go to my local tax office or is there a different procedure ?

  8. Awesome video as always but question how do I get these links out there for ppl to click on other than in videos like this for example tubebuddy how do you advertise these other than talking about them in certain videos??? Please help

  9. Roberto, your videos have helped me SO much! Thank you for sharing. I have a question: My videos take some time to make due to having to do research and other things. So making one video per week and releasing it on Tuesdays works well for me. But sometimes a subject comes up I can address quickly so I put out an extra video on Friday or Saturday in addition to my Tuesday postings. I might do this once or twice a month and perhaps more. But I always put out a Tuesday video every week without fail.

    I was wondering if this "inconsistency" affects the youtube algorithm in a negative way. Should I post only once a week if I can't post every Saturday? Is it better to post the extra Saturday videos even if I don't post every Saturday?

  10. Hey Roberto. Long time viewer here and first time to comment. I think the Sellfy affiliate link has an issue – seems to go to a "no results found" page. Have a look and thanks for all that you do!

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