Do you want to talk like a consultant? Top down communication is a key management consulting skill. MBB consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG, Bain) teach …


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  1. Speak like your write. Not easy to do. The example of getting caught of a detailed task shows why it is so hard. Shows the importance of having high level ideas written out on a whiteboard.

  2. Lol hahahaha. This is pure crap plus more crap.
    They want to sell you like if McKinsey are great selling Consulting company and what they are in reality, just fucking insiders that gets much of money from taxpayers.
    Basically an schem primary for Americans taxpayers

  3. Pronounce pyramid as "PIR-am-id", not "PY-ram-id". This is the common way to pronounce the word in English. It will make future videos less distracting to the viewer. Beyond that excellent content.

  4. I disagree that this is the best way to communicate. Choice of which communication method depends on the discussion agenda

    Top down communication is only effective if you are only updating and not opening it up for a discussion

    Bottom up communication can help the team to brainstorm and synthesize ideas togethe, iInstead of just closing off all discussions with a conclusion

  5. This was great! Thanks – will definitely use this technique. Another reason I would add to not being able to incorporate this method is lack of preparation… Not having the complete product and still needing to engage in a presentation format.

  6. Clear and well presented. After years in the work force in organizations where information is the product, it amazes me how many experienced people have not acquired this important communication skill. If I could have back all the time wasted listening to the minutiae underlying the key conclusions, or even minutiae that never even arrive at the key conclusion leaving the receiver to sift those out for themselves. I like the pyramid analogy, but suppose the approach I use could be called the "diamond approach". I present the main message, the necessary supporting points, then conclude by repeating the main message.

  7. Thank you very much. This is extremely helpful. I have caught myself giving bottom up details and I have lost people quickly. this brief video has changed my way of communicating.

  8. Thanks for sharing. BTW – in English the “Y” is pronounced as “i” (ie almost silent) in “Pyramid”. If you are to produce courses online you should invest in a Native speech coach to improve your pronunciation, it will help you reach a wider audience. Good luck!

  9. Hey, white male consultant guy – might serve you to consider that the CEO isn't a "he." Also, one of the reasons people don't communicate this way is because it's very white. Non-white cultures care more about the power of story, relationships, and less about urgency. See Tema Okun's work.

  10. Can the CEO also be a “she” ? it’s 2020.. I would think ex McKinsey consultants would be able to realise the gender bias in their language. Apart from that this is a fantastic, presentation. Well done.

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