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  1. The truth is Q. 43:57-89 concern about the birthdate of Jesus, the time (hour) and day of Judgment Day) and the Secret Occult namely the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

    From the Quran,

    [53:4] It is but a revelation, that is revealed.

    [43:57] When the son of Mary was cited as an example, your people disregarded it.

    * Jesus was truly born on 25 December 0000 = 25120000.0

    [43:58] They said, "Is it better to worship our gods, or to worship him?" They said this only to argue with you. Indeed, they are people who have joined the opposition.

    [43:59] He was no more than a servant whom we blessed, and we sent him as an example for the Children of Israel.

    [43:60] If we willed, we could have made you angels who colonize and reproduce on earth.

    [43:61] He is to serve as a marker for knowing the end of the world,* so you can no longer harbor any doubt about it. You shall follow Me; this is the right path.

    * The Day the World will end = 16 March, 2280 = 1632280.0

    [43:62] Let not the devil repel you; he is your most ardent enemy.

    [43:63] When Jesus went with the proofs, he said, "I bring to you wisdom, and to clarify some of the matters in which you dispute. You shall reverence GOD and obey me.

    [43:64] "GOD is my Lord and your Lord, you shall worship Him alone. This is the right path."

    [43:65] The opponents disputed among themselves. Woe to those who transgress from the retribution of a painful day.

    * The Painful Day = 16 March, 2280 = 1632280.0

    [43:66] Are they waiting for the Hour (Day of Judgment) to come to them suddenly when they least expect it?

    * The Hour is 1200 Noon (a.m./p.m.) GMT = 1200.0 340400.0

    [43:67] The close friends on that day will become enemies of one another, except for the righteous.

    * That Day will be on 16 March, 2280 = 1632280.0

    [43:68] O My servants, you will have no fear on that day, nor will you grieve.

    * That Day will be on 16 March, 2280 = 1632280.0

    [43:69] They are the ones who believed in our revelations, and were submitters.

    [43:70] Enter Paradise, together with your spouses, and rejoice.

    [43:71] Offered to them will be golden trays and cups, and they will find everything the hearts desire and the eyes wish for. You live therein forever.

    [43:72] Such is the Paradise that you inherit, in return for your works.

    [43:73] You will have in it all kinds of fruits, from which you eat.

    [43:74] Surely, the guilty will abide in the retribution of Gehenna forever.

    [43:75] Never will the retribution be commuted for them; they will be confined therein.

    [43:76] It is not us who wronged them; it is they who wronged their own souls.

    [43:77] They will implore: "O Mãlek, let your Lord finish us off." He will say, "You are staying forever.

    [43:78] "We have given you the truth, but most of you hate the truth."

    [43:79] Have they schemed some scheme? We too are scheming.

    [43:80] Do they think that we do not hear their secrets and conspiracies? Yes indeed; our messengers are with them, recording.

    * The Secret Occult = ILLUMINA1I and FREEMASONS; EGV for I(10) L(30) L(30) U(6) M(40) I(10) N(50) A(1) T(400) I(10); F(80) R(200) E(10) E(10) M(40) A(1) S(60) O(6) N(50) S(60) = 1030306401050140010 8020010104016065060

    [43:81] Proclaim: "If the Most Gracious did have a son, I would still be the foremost worshiper."

    [43:82] Be He glorified; He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord with the great dominion, far above their claims.

    [43:83] Let them blunder and play until they meet their day that is awaiting them.

    * That Day will be on 16 March, 2280 = 1632280.0

    [43:84] He is the only One who is a deity in the heaven and a deity on earth. He is the Most Wise, the Omniscient.

    [43:85] Most Exalted is the One who possesses all sovereignty of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them. With Him is the knowledge about the Hour (end of the world), and to Him you will be returned.

    * The Hour is 1200 Noon (a.m./p.m.) GMT = 1200.0 340400.0

    [43:86] None of those whom they idolize beside Him possess any power to intercede, unless their intercession coincides with the truth, and they fully know.

    [43:87] If you asked them who created them, they would say, "GOD." Why then did they deviate?

    [43:88] It will be proclaimed: "O my Lord, these people do not believe."

    [43:89] You shall disregard them and say, "Peace;" they will surely find out.

    * 534 4357 25120000.0 4358 4359 4360 4361 1632280.0 4362 4363 4364 4365 1632280.0 4366 1200.0 340400.0 4367 1632280.0 4368 1632280.0 4369 4370 4371 4372 4373 4374 4375 4376 4377 4378 4379 4380 1030306401050140010 8020010104016065060 4381 4382 4383 1632280.0 4384 4385 1200.0 340400.0 4386 4387 4388 4389

    = 19 x 2812819605 8947370714 9662861075 5850696210 7559177022 9707185069 6210756111 5791265263 3877454330 5286148227 5158124707 2128270722 3354440759 8707244409 1778125233 5794896349 4792112632 1474737373 8955823716 0200756970 4377012000 2307599216 8422844210 7571809865 20231.00

    The number is a multiple of 19


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