TR Tony and the ‘Arry The Stag! Team, plus Special Guest ‘Enry the ‘Ead Gasket, dived down to Poole to review the South Western Vehicle Classic Car Auctions


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  1. Do you know Percy the Piston 'Ead and Simon "Bright" Spark-Plug? You must have met them at the auction, they were in the corner discussing the coefficient of drag of an NSU RO80 with Simon the Semi-Trailing Arm.

  2. The silver Jaguar in your walk around intro was actually a Daimler : The audio wasn't clear I can not hear you very clearly but this is potentially interesting content. So thanks for making it.

  3. I was just wondering once auction percentage fees for buyers are taken into account, how much of a discount is typical from the market value of a private sale? I'd be interested in opinions/views on this. Thanks

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