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  1. Your video has led me to ponder upon a question. How much time do you decide to put into your primary source income and your secondary source income. Understandably that the bulk of time would be on primary source income but to what extent you would invest your time into your secondary source of income? Writing a blog would require skill and quite a lot of time, so if it is a secondary source of income it is not so worth it. Where to draw the line?

  2. Hi Dan, I'm >48 years and at this age, I am planning to go for blogging / affiliate marketing, as I quit my job sometime before. How should I strategise myself?

  3. Hi Dan. Love your work. Would like to have your advice on this. Would you recommend to search affiliate marketers for infoproducts? For example do you have affiliate marketers for your HTC course? We also sell online courses (from 2000 euro) and would like to know if there are affiliate marketers out there who promote high ticket infoproducts. Thanks a lot

  4. Challenge question. Let's say you live in a small village (so zero connections) and you have only $250 to start a business, what would you do or better yet what business would you start? You only have a laptop computer and wifi but that's it.

  5. Right now am going into affiliate marketing, yes am a newbie. People said the best strategy is to get a blog first, with the blog I can generate leads that will later convert. My question is, can blogging help me in affiliate marketing?

  6. Hello Dan!
    I've a question here. You says blog secondary but in case lets say I don't have any product to sell at the moment. What if I start writing blog and as traffic generates and people will have trust on my content, afterwards if I start selling the products related to my blog. Isn't that going to help???

  7. What if the type of niche you want your business to be build upon is not available in your country/ not supporter in your country? How would you make that business of yours sucessfull?

  8. Wow thank you, Dan.
    Blog as part of strategy and Affiliate marketing as a secondary income source. I love that you have tried all these and explain WHY you feel that way. It is so helpful. I am connecting this with wealth triangle: High Income skill / Scalable Business / High Return Investments.

  9. Affiliate marketing is great to start while you have a job. You can do it mornings and evenings in your spare time. No need for your own product, inventory, customer service, etc. Another great video Dan! Thank you.

  10. I'm an affiliate marketer as primary and I do fairly well. I almost hit six figures last year, promoting recurring commission products, after losing my blog in late 2018. I have been creating more of my own products (for personal branding reasons) so I may start focusing on that and turn affiliate marketing into a secondary income source. Also, some of the tips you share here about high ticket products have helped me out a lot, so thanks, Mr. Lok.

  11. For the first time, I don’t agree with Dan, regarding the affiliate marketing. When it come sales, if there is no sales then there is no revenue.

    With affiliate we promote other people products so we don’t manage inventory and no big investment to start.
    We only invest to generate traffic like we should do for our own products.

  12. I am 15 years old and I am supper hungry to learn how to earn money online. It might take a while but I just need a push from someone who knows his stuff. Dan is there a way for a 15 year old like me to start earning money online consistently, and if not what can I do?

  13. hey Dan , in the long run how can i know when to fall back and reflect a sec on all the things happening while still maintain focus on my business

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