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  1. After looking up information in dusty libraries desktop came. But in the year 2018, mobile search behaviour is the most important player. Mobile search behaviour has been more important than results on a desktop computer today. And will grow in the future. People look for relevant content. In other words, it is the visitor who decides. Then place a relevant message that gets through the right medium at the right audience. Surprise your audience with surprising, fun and visual content.

    Think video and pictures. Make sure the visitor experience a unique time. With ease of use, in geek terms are called a good user experience (UX).

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.



    Sourav Basak

    Namaste UI

  2. That takes a load off my mind for now–just focus on modern dev methods and the seo will take care of itself.
    I see that you have a drum set. If making noise isn't a problem in your apartment, can you exercise vigorously–i.e. hiit jog in place–without the building manager making a visit?

  3. I see it like this:
    Step 1: PPC for instant direction, promotion and market research.
    Step 2: Once you know the direction work on SEO or SEM

    If you begin with SEO the risk is high you loose the ball because SEO is the slow game. Do some basic SEO and leave it alone. Work on the next site.

  4. That's all true! Now, for those who are just starting in SEO, the thing that really made a difference for my website were title tags. That's a huge thing! Make sure your title tags describe your content correctly.

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