What are the differences between Sales and Marketing? Patrick Bet-David provides perfect examples between the two. How to Find the Leaks in Your Business: …


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  1. Love my sales guys. As a marketer, I admire what they do and am happy to help facilitate their job by funneling them inbound leads and creating sales materials that'll help them crush their conversations! We can't do this shiz alone and expect greater results.

  2. I agree with you on the twenty-thousand-foot view of the difference between Marketing and Sales. Marketing’s main job is to generate leads, inbound, and outbound. Sales main responsibility is to convert the leads. I hate the word 'close' when talking about prospective new clients. You close on a new home.

    Sales to be the most effective and successful, need to spend most of their time interacting, talking/if needed, to existing and prospective clients. But, 98.99% of companies have it backward for years and years. Thus, why so many in B2B sales are failing. By having individual salespeople responsible for their own prospecting… Which is CRAZY!

  3. So many things wrong about this video, starting on the title…
    Why is everybody trying to separate Marketing from everything else? There's no Sales vs Marketing because Sales is a part of Marketing. Selling is included in the 2nd of the 4 P's of Marketing. Now, someone should tell Patrick that most likely when Salespeople can't sell is because the "Marketing Material" wasn't on point. Before a soldier goes to war he must be prepared, right? Meaning Marketing Research & Analysis, Branding, Targeting and Re-targeting, A-B Testing, Advertising — and then if you have talented people in sales you get results. And hey, don't forget to monitor what you're doing or else you can't learn from your experience (guess who's making sure that happens too?). Patrick, please let ALL your team understand that they're A TEAM. It's just wrong to insinuate what you insinuated in the end of the video.

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