here are some basic pros and cons of consulting. hope this helps you on your own career search! click SHOW MORE for more info! ⬇ music: ↳ ryan little: …


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  1. Great video, fully agree that consulting has Pros and Cons. Actually, I (Ex-McKinsey) just released a video on my YT channel on why I believe Consulting is the best career choice for recent business graduates. Interesting topic!

  2. thank you so much for this video and your channel, i’m a rising undergraduate freshman and i feel like i have a MUCH much better idea of where my future could lead me 🙂

  3. Is it possible to get involved in consulting without a STEM/Econ degree? I got a BA in history but have two years of work experience essentially in implementation/operations.

  4. Seems like consulting demands a lot of social skills. Would you be able to make videos on `how to network`, `what to say/not say to clients` or even `how to have a good lunch/dinner` with a client?

  5. Hey! Thx for a great video! Im also working as a business strategy consultant in Korea! I was wondering if I can get some tips in terms of making a video, vlog as a consultant myself!

  6. Salary will be around $120K for a senior IT consultant. $90k for juniors in Washington DC area. Go get half year Digital business it education and certification.

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