I’m SUPER excited about today’s video, I will be explaining the same strategy that I currently use to make 3K – 6K per month with Pinterest & Affiliate Marketing.


how to make $300 per day with clickbank


  1. Does it matter if I create a personal account to start earning or does it have to be a business account? Also can I earn money on Pinterest if I'm 16 year-old?

  2. Hi Nancy – this was a very helpful video. If you're not an affiliate yet is it okay to add the url of a product on Amazon? Also, are there any requirements to be an affiliate for clickbank?

  3. Your video has motivated me to start making money online. Would you suggest creating more than one page on each platform say for instance a keto diet IG & Red Tea Detox IG? Or just a health & wellness page & promote multiple affiliates?

  4. Can I get paid via paypal when doing this?. Also, this page in between that you talk about how much will that cost to make for each product?

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  6. Hey Nancy I started at the end of June, and I haven't seen any results since… Could you tell me if you have any results and how long it took you to get them?

  7. Would you consider "Health and Wellness" to be a niche which could have multiple niches under it like, keto, paleo, Mediterranean, or should each of the latter have their own pinterest account?

  8. Great day to you on this fabulous financial Friday. Thank you for this wonderfully wonderful video. It was very informative and you made it simple. My 8 year old granddaughter introduced me to YouTube 6 months ago. I’m learning a lot. I will be approaching retirement very soon and the pension is not a lot. My husband gets disability. So Affiliate Marketing will help us a lot. Thank you very much. I’m subscribing to your channel right now.

  9. Hello Nancy! New subbie here. I just wanted to know if I could make passive income on Pintrest without any other social media? I not looking to make thousands of dollars a month…just looking to make 400-500$ a month…thanks for the info!

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