Niche Marketing Strategies What is niche marketing? In this video, I am sharing WHY you should niche down! Here are 5 niche marketing strategies that you can …


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  2. The way this video explains details about niche marketing strategies in details is really very useful. Thanks for giving such in-depth overview – really helpful for beginners like me.

  3. I used to work with digital marketing and SEO. I believe niche marketing is the key to achieve sucess for any brand or personal marketing. Great content!

  4. I agree with these marketing strategies! Taking into account that I am a novice in this topic, now I feel much more informed to enter the world of marketing, with these strategies I know that it will go much better, thanks

  5. This is the best strategy while doing marketing. We need to focus on the new aspects of our business and I always follow this. We also have some great offers for the customer to whom we are looking as our new assets.

  6. This video is very useful because it explains and talks about Niche Marketing Strategies and will allow us to advance our digital marketing businesses and make the most of them.

  7. actually you have to take advantage of these moments and the networks are giving a lot to talk about, and you are right the marketing, there are many strategies that there are and sometimes we do not know where to start, your strategies are great, I will test myself, the purple cow it sounds

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  9. I have been looking new strategies to improve my work and this is it. I have found what I was looking. The information exposed on the video is really detailed and its explanation is flawless.

  10. very good strategies, and great explanation, the truth you have a very professional way of talking that captures the attention of users, after seeing your video I am very informed about the subject.

  11. We have to be clear that is very important to have a niche position for your business, in special in these days that we are in a global pandemic whose name is Coronavirus COVID 2019. Then in these days we have to develop the Niche Strategies as the girl explained in a very carefully way in this video. Is a very didactic video, and she developed the strategies in this way.

    1) Purple Cow Strategy it means that is very hard to stand out if you are just like everybody else. It means that you have to create differentiation in the product that you are selling. In this strategy
    Purple Cow Strategy (PCS) describes something phenomenal, exciting, counterintuitive and it really describes just something unbelievable. You have to think the way that you serve impactful, exciting, phenomenal or just unbelievable. You have to see what are your strengths as a company, the products that you provide and your services ask yourself all the spectrum of everything that you service, and what do you love doing. Then you have to put back in your community part of the profit that you receive for your service. This is the way that PCS works.

    2) Give Tangible Results (GTR) It means what is the final result of the customer after he bought your product. Then you have to find the way of giving the end user the result that he was looking for. In
    other words, you have to have that meet the end user the result that he need. Your product has to give a tangible result to your client.

    3)Serve a Need (SAN) it means that you have to look for a product that would serve a need of your community, that product would be immediately solve a problem and fills an need and has a great purpose.

    4) Combine Your Skills (CYS) the idea is just combine the skills that you are already developed in your life, then you can put all the things together and the for sure you can get the kind of customers related with your skills and then you can offer a better service.

    5) Streamline And Make It Easy (SAMIE) It means to do many things at once is not the way. We have to focus in just one product and reach to be a Master doing this product and in
    this way you can have a Niche in the market.

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