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  1. It has been only 10 days that you have posted this video about reels and I can't find the reels on instagram story to post, I don't know why, can you help me out?

  2. Facebook / Instagram seems to have launched reels early enough that it should take out tik tok just like they ruined Snapchats popularity. You never know but in my humble pro opinion they moved fast enough to have a good shot at pushing tik tok aside. At the end of the day though the Instagram reels functionality for brands will work much better than Tik tok…they already have that huge head start with brand pages and reels just integrates into it. Gram with just continue to improve it as well. We will see. Great video Rob!

  3. Don't fall for it, instagram just took $100.00 from me and my ad only got 2 likes 1 follow and supposedly 30 clicks…. its a SCAM and I have the proof

  4. Just uploaded my first reel thank you ! I’m going to keep myself accountable to do a reel a day for the next 30 days ! I couldn’t find you on IG ! I must of misheard your account name. Would love to follow you, mine is @thatlifecl

  5. Hi love the video! Wish me luck guys I am dropping my first merch at oct 14! Insta : @realitycheckstore
    Our brand is a movement to reveal the biggest misconception of life is not about wealth, its about having no regrets.

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