Overview of marketing research. Specific topics include the marketing research process, qualitative vs quantitative data, primary and secondary sources, and …


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  1. You Sir are the Stephen Hawking of Marketing. Anyone who understands simple English and isn't able to comprehend marketing after watching your videos should re enroll himself in kindergarten.

  2. I've been searched a lot through the internet to find useful a information about the marketing research. Finally, I found it here and all information I heard about the research are connected and clear now. Thanks a lot!

  3. A very effective and easy to understand video. Cleared all my doubts. looking forward for more vedios. Sir you can increase the example giving area , this will help students to understand marketing better.

  4. Hi Brian, I've gone through almost all your videos on marketing. Excellent compiling on the entire marketing methods putting each into its right prospective. Marketing: broad prospective simplify overall marketing into a nutshell. great job! see u online soon 😉

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