marketing research for beginners, understanding marketing research fundamentals. Definition: The process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information …


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  1. hey I've watched this entire video twice. Ive used it as a backbone going into my 4000level Marketing Research class and I've had great results so far. thanks for starting me off right.

  2. As someone else here pointed out, the delivery is good but visual presentation could use some improvement. In addition to the variously colored symbols, the alternating bold/normal font weight is confusing and apparently meaningless. Typography is supposed to emphasize, not complicate. Anyway, thanks for this!

  3. The content is great but what's the point of doing a video if you're just going to show a few sentences without showing the important points with much simpler bullet points. Not to mention the colours of the symbols are meaningless and just confusing.

    You might as well make a podcast and include it in the description.

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