How to research your local market to determine what to sell, to who, and how much they’re willing to pay. SUB: POPULAR VIDEOS: …


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  1. Anyone interested in how he transport his product to the buyer? Not packaging… But transporting product to the buyer… I am kind of interested… Like for him to see.

  2. Hey Curtis, been watching your videos and read your book over the past year, looking at your course in August. Coming from London. Thanks for letting us guys pick your brain. This video helped…donation coming soon

  3. don't be afraid to ask the rest rant guy/gal Your talking " is there something you can't get here ( insert name of Your area ) " because restaurant people move around as they move up the ladder if they say something like " I used to get radish micro greens from a guy at My last location but can't get them here " your answer should be something like I will see what I can do and get back to you

    Listen to what they want if your willing to grow something special for them they are buy other things from You

  4. It seems you are somewhat tied down. Not to say you are not doing successful, but having a farm seems like when it gets to a point such as where you are, you are not able to take a vacation. Are you able to vacation or, are you tied down to the farm year round? Do you ever plan on getting to the point in which you no longer have to be present on the farm because you have employees doing all of the tasks that you currently perform?

  5. I know you deal with grocery stores. How did you get into that market? I already deal with restaurants in different parts of my area. But I really want to get into the grocery store market stream. Thanks for all your advice.

  6. Thank you so much! This was actually exactly what I needed hear. As soon as you posted this the other night I immediately started researching my market and found a few potentials. Once again thank you for your help Curtis!

  7. Hello…what u think about in the way to make market try to give to the people what the other farmers dont have???i mean after see what most farmers have in a market,u think its good idea to grow diferent kind of products,or its too risky??

  8. got rid of cable, canceled netflix, sold my 55" tv, since i started watching your videos one month ago!
    your videos=winning the rat race lottery by becoming self sufficient ! thank you for creating these videos

  9. I Love your videos, I am working on Micro Green's my self, thank-you. Here in So Oregon I quit CSA's as a customers, because it was like I got the seconds from the farm's which needed the best crop for the farmer's markets.

  10. Another highly practical round of information. My kitchen table is covered with notes from your videos, sticky notes, seed catalogs and books. Between JM's book and yours, I feel like I have a plan and a direction to go. Sooo much math but it is a good thing. Seriously people, rather than wishing you could afford to travel to Canada, review the videos and purchase the book. Thank you Curtis for helping us help ourselves.

  11. Hey Curtis, have you considered doing 10/15 min 1-1calls on Skype through fiverr?
    I've seen some other youtubers are getting into this now. I'd be your first customer for a 10min chat to clear up some Q's I have.

  12. Here in Italy consumers and restaurants still love the human presence and touch. So, I always plant some extra veggies to use for promotion. I'll go into a restaurant, when they are not busy, quickly present myself and the farm, leave some vegetables or berries as a gift to try out. Next week I'l be back to ask for an evaluation and comparison with other organic farms (if any) and see if I can supply them with regularity. Out of 10 I will have 2 regulars. My production is always aligned with customers' needs. Blessings to all the new farmers. Thank you Curtis for your inspiration. Adriano,

  13. I have a customer, grocery that has their own csa type of orders to their customers. I started selling them small amounts of microgreens. they wished me to do a bulk of about 40 pounds a week for them. that would mean 80 pounds in motion. since at this moment I grow in my house, the entire house would be racks of greens, so I turned it down.
    I think you also have to know your limitations too.

    what going to a restaurant, paying for a meal and giving them a sample of the greens for them to try?

  14. Curtis, we bought this 11.5 acre farm, and our intention is to develop a vineyard and winery. But to fund our build, after watching your videos, we've decided to farm micro greens and other veggies starting "as soon as your book arrives" what affects do you know if any, on our soil, that growing vegetables for two years before planting grape vines might have. Realizing that your back ground I believe is being an arborist.. thanks for any advice you might have.

  15. Like your videos.  Some folks learn by books, some by verbiage, some by hands on…but by video via U-Tube it works because we can travel to folks like you.  Thank You Curtis   P.S,  I've started my yard as per your videos in the front prepping through the winter and am looking at equipment to order to help the process;  gauging what I have to order now vs back orders and I have NO idea on seeds here in Kansas so that is my next project.  I have chickens in the back yard so am working on confining to utilize the back more efficiently.  My neighbors drive by and back up and drive by again…lol…cause my entire front yard is covered in Silage Tarp for now with a few raised beds to start.

  16. Great info! Missed you yesterday.
    Question: Is the soil PH in your area pretty neutral? Do you ever have to add Lime or anything to adjust the acidity? Here in South Carolina our soil is acidic and we have to take soil samples and test every Fall and use Calcium Carbonate Ag Lime to raise PH.

  17. Hey Curtis, Great Video, Thanks for the information. Could you do a video on why you use soil mix for your micro greens instead of using one of the hydroponic soil less methods? Thanks

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