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  1. stay away from attorneys for any transaction. They just think differently. I almost despise realtors as much but at least you won't get bogged down in court.

  2. I’ve found April is the best for sweet deals on properties in the Bay Area. My pops used to buy and flip houses and make millions. That is how we got this current house for my parents.

    But you gotta have a special eye and negotiation tactics to make the deal.

    We beat out two people with a lower price cuz we paid in cash. Dude regretted it 30 days later but now the house is almost worth 1 million.

    It doubled in value. Not including the basement being turned into rental.

    Stock market is nice but real estate is how you really go from nothing to a lot, if you have the info and connections.

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  4. if you are going to buy houses sight unseen you better have a foundation guy who can do $200-225 per pier and you better know how to do contracting work yourself.

  5. So the lesson is Dont buy a pig in a bag…As a civil engineer who lived in LA in the 80s and worked in construction I was gobsmacked by the price of timber frame houses stuck together with plywood and nails on concrete slabs with minimum steel

  6. I am not saying it is a bad video. I thought I learnt something with golf ball test but he did not do that on a good foundation. So I dont know how effective this test is. Need to find a different way to checkn foundation issues.
    Nonetheless, I did learn the way he anlyses a property and that is really very inportant. Thanks Kevin.

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