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  1. Your volume since day one has been fairly low in relation to my mobile volume and other videos. It means my phone struggles to hear when there is background noise and when my phone is giving me instructions like directions, while I’m listening to your video, it’s volume is booming while yours is still quiet, and I can’t play them at the same time. Can you increase the volume of videos that you post at so I can hear it better? I listen to them daily, mostly on my morning commute to work.

  2. thanks adam.. im just in highschool but from watching your videos you make me fall in love with business! your explanation was clear, concise and easy to understand. Keep it up! love from malaysia 🙂

  3. gracias @AdamErhart soy profesional en mercadeo excelente tus video me suscribo parq seguir aprendiendo de tus contenidos la tenes clara con tu estrategia de contenidos

  4. Thanks Adam ! Although as a total beginner , i would like to learn more basics regarding the concepts personally. I kinda find your explanations abstract. Please get this as a feedback and a positive criticism.

  5. Sir i watched this video i liked and going to subscribe as well m in Pakistan started business last year a single man company of house holds like dishwash liquid i was surfing here for good marketing tips so thanks again for your value able videos

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