This video is from the UCS Submitters Annual Conference, 2018 held in Dulles, VA. For more information, please visit


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  1. as salamu alaykum i am a new submitter from sunni i would like support to i hold live streams at 10pm uk times every evening inshallah feel free to come on but a warning a few sunni that come on but i boot them of there pretty aggressive

  2. One "innovation" we have adopted in the Submitter community is the 2.5% Zakat rate. A percentage rate not found in Quran? That 2.5 percentage rate traces back to hadith and Sunnah. Not Quran! Yet Dr. Khalifa mentions it in the appendix under charity Zakat? It (2.5% figure) has no Quran basis. There is a reason why l think a specific percentage is not used in Quran, by God. It is one innovation that has crept in to our practice, which no one dare question in our community because if who said it (Dr. Khalifa). The 2.5 % rate is treated kind of like a "de facto" rule or law within the Submitter community. I think to myself sometimes, how many Submitters out there use 2.5% when the calculate Zakat when they harvest their paychecks? I imagine it is a lot of them. Perhaps the majority? In my case l never pay 2.5%, never less. It's OK to pay more. If it is not found in Quran it is someone's opinion. We, as Submitters have to seperate Quran fact from someones opinion, in everything we do, so we don't go astray. Believe me it is difficult. Difficult to even talk about this subject sometimes without fear you might offend someone or piss them off! It almost like you have to be politically correct or something? With regard to those people who pray 3 times a day. They do this based on their understanding of Quran. Usually if you point out the verses in Quran indicating the 5 daily prayers, they will respond favourably in many cases. But first you show them Quran. Its the Quran that does the convincing. I call it the "Show & Tell." You show, the Quran tells!

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