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  1. Thanks for sharing… I have two social media platforms I enjoy using to post daily content about my brand and my product. I also been using this format for email marketing… my only question is how to get them to click the link not to open because they doing a well job opening my emails but are struggling with clicking the link. My rates for clicks are 2-5 percent. Maybe its my choice of audience I should properly look into. Overall everything has been great!

  2. This video shows me the way to write email that get people enthusiastic about the product and even buy it. I would wish to see more videos about emails that sell products. So I like the video

  3. hi Scott, this video helps me so much plz tell me: I write more emails these days to about 8000 subscribers, but open rate about 1,723subscriber and click rate 500, where is the problem? if u want i can send u that email!

  4. I dont have a website. I just deliver Content within the body if my email eith some detail benefits. And then soft sell a link to a product directly. No website. Is this method feasible on a sizable list of 10000

  5. Very eye-opening. In my particular case my product is for those responsible for keeping the mens' public restrooms supplied with all the required amenities. It's actually a new amenity, so my mails are going out to mall, restaurant, school and university "restroom managers" if you will. How would an appropriate subject line look in this context? I'd love to read some ideas.

  6. Great Video Scott I sell saftey devices I got the subject line and the click line. Would the why be why my safety product is better than the traditional way of monitoring radiation.

  7. Hello Scott, I've bought into a cost splitting system that basically sends me 300 leads a day, of people who buy online money making / affiliate offers etc. In two more days I'll have 5000 people on the list and 10k all together in 16 more days. I was thinking about letting it grow to 20k and then I want to market to them. Give value and of course get sales. I really like your video and want to use it as a part of training me on how to be a great emailer that people will want to open my emails. Did you make this training yet? Will it work for make money online products? if you have and it's a good fit for me I'd be interested in it. Thanks for the great vid!

  8. I am getting customers to click on the links from my email campaigns, they are commenting on my blog posts. However, I have a huge amount of abandoned carts. How do I convert those abandoned carts into sells? Please advise?

  9. Now, 6 years after I started my own business, I'm still not very successful. There is nothing wrong with the business, it's the parketing that is wrong. I'll try out your ideas and see if that helps. Thanks for input.

  10. Well done. I have not sent emails yet, but I have 200+ subscribers!! so i definitely need to figure out how to communicate with them without turning them off. Thanks for the video. i'll stay tuned.

  11. Hi Scott! I am a newer and trying to get leads through emails. Q. How can I figure out all these rates (CTR etc.) ???
    I collecting emails from FB pages manually and sending manually. Is any other easier way to get an email list? Thanks

  12. This is a little confusing. Do you send out an email blast directly to your own Amazon private label page? I know adding an affiliate code to sell your own products is OK but not OK in emails. So do you just send them your Amazon page without getting an affiliate commission? And is any of this against the terms of service? Thank you, sir.

  13. Love the value Scott. To add to this great books to read on email marketing are anything about copywriting. I love Dan Kennedy's stuff. But also i feel like any advertiser in the last century since using words that sell is something that is timeless

  14. Solid advice! I stumbled upon this formular or recipe,if you will,by trial and error. I wish I has seen this video months ago. Question: Very targeted email list. Real estate. Refinance stuff. Do you sver recommend saying my name is blank anywhere in the body of the email or does come off as cheesy?

  15. im sending cold emails for affiliate offers and products..your video was amazing do you have a training series on how to write emails that get open and convert and the best software or companies to send bulk emails

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