In this video you’ll learn how to use google trends for business. You’ll discover how to use this FREE tool can help you with 3 fundamental aspects of your …


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  1. A really clear and practical video that is especially useful to a newbie like me. I just now discovered your channel and gave this video a like. Thanks, or, mille grazie!

  2. Hi Michele, This video was straight forward and simple, easy to assimilate and it leaves me with enough grasp and motivation to try the application of the actual content. I hope you are ok in these times, it looks like you posted this 2 months ago, I look forward to accessing more real world examples of your own experiences integrated, case study style into what you do next. If you have already then I will come across that of course and will look at it. Thank you !

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It's liberating to close the ignorance gap and make money online by simply understanding what people want. But I signed up for "download for step by step guide for affiliate marketing" but didn't get the download in inbox or spam. How can you help?

  4. Michele I have been watching your vidoes they are great is there any way I could have print out this may be a big ask but you know so much and i have a lot to learn prints out if possible 'Big Thanks

  5. Ehi Michi I actually loved the video! One question, I find on Google Trends , for Affiliate Marketing, 2 different graphics : one for a “search term” and one completely different for the “topic” (“argomento” in italiano;). What’s the difference? Thank you!

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