Tried Google Ads in the past but couldn’t get your ads profitable? If so, I have the perfect video for you that shows exactly how I average a 3x to 5x ROI …


how to make $300 per day with clickbank


  1. where can i get a decent page put up, since i guess you HAVE to do that, but without bothering with gathering emails? Just a simple one page thing with some bullet points or something like that related to the product? No i cant put up any kind of page, i wont try that again.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for the incredible content.

    Just one question: Do you do Search Targeting and Placement Targeting in the same or different campaign?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Nice video, sir. Testing something with a couple campaigns myself!

    It's nice that you have a retargeting campaign that you're able to use as these users have shown intent in some way – very nice and I'm sure the CVR's are niceeee there!

    I'm still a fan of recommending Facebook over Google in limited budget situations (not always the case)…but, I typically recommend FB over Google when budget is a factor.

    Nice video!

  4. Hey Chad, awesome video buddy! Last month I experimented with a $50 budget (total) and ran it for 5 days ($10 per day) for one of my affiliate landing pages which I created using GetResponse. I had used the "topic" feature and landed up with 100+ leads in total. Honestly speaking, GoogleAds is all about experimenting and seeing what works best for your campaign. Love your strategy and keep up the good work 😉

  5. Hiii sir i am belong from middal class family and i am in 12th class but my monthly pocket money is 10$ only it is very low but i sow your videos i learn many things thankyou very much sir for this information for free you are so kind god bless you

  6. Would you be so kind to make a video or refer to one that explains how to include clickbank affiliate links in the builderall sales funnel without collecting emails (just a squeez page). Thank you awesome content!!

  7. I wanna hit 10K/mo. first then keep leveling up. 30-50K /mo. sounds nice. Six figures per month would be even better but gotta start somewhere. I really appreciate the content and you sharing the bigger picture. Thank you sir!

  8. my monthly income goal is honestly 40 to 50k a month i want to be able to provide for my family and make it so my mom and dad don't ever have to work again

  9. Hey bud new viewer.. loving your content so far! Vert interested in becoming my own boss… would love a monthly income goal of $6000 as a noob! Keep up the great content!!

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