How To Repurpose Your Blog Content For Social Media // Creating social media content is hard, right? What are people going to like? What do they want to see …


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  1. @Neil Patel sir I have one question regarding google SERP. Suppose my website is ranking on 19th position. but in between there are 9 videos and 5 images so now what is the position of my website should I count? if I include videos and images then my website is ranking on 19th position & if I exclude videos and images my website position on 5th position. which should I keep? this type of question is asked by my clients. if exclude videos and images that mean I am in top 10

  2. Honestly, we were repurposing from way back and then stopped because we're video first and the social platforms (except YouTube) weren't showcasing video. Now that video is in vogue, we are re-starting our repurposing strategy.

  3. For those reading the comments here, regarding tip 4 (creating video content from blog posts) there are ways to at least partially automate this process. Lumen5 and InVideo (currently on Appsumo) are two that I know of that will take a blog post and create a video from it. Odds are it won't be perfect, you'll have to tweak it some, but I've found it's much faster than doing it on my own. The best part of these two services is that they generate titles and text within the video so if it auto-plays on Facebook but muted the viewer still sees text content that might pique their interest enough to click through.

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