HOW TO GET FREELANCE COPYWRITING CLIENTS: Something that I hear from so many new freelance content writers and copywriters, is “how in the heck do …


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  2. Hello mam,
    Actaully i am just a beginner in copy writing,so the main problem i am getting is i dont known how to move forward to develop this skill i mean i am watching all your video but to practice i dont known what to do

  3. Thanks for giving so much helpful information to us.
    How long of an ad do beginning copywriters need to start?
    I couldn't do pages and pages of copy like the ads I've seen on websites.
    Is it possible to start with just one or two short headline sentences?
    Are there (potential) customers who are looking for something that short?

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  5. Yours videos are awesome…I have a request ..can you make a video on your daily routine as copywriter …like how you find opportunity and smash your goals ..fix time that kind of stuff …

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