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  1. Hi Neil.

    Need your help to find my niche.

    I had been into Sales (Non – technical)for 20 odd years

    I don't know what am I good at .

    I like certain things e.g. Reading, Meditation, sending people greetings on their birthday on Facebook or what's app using apps like Phonto,Pixel,Faceapp etc. ,Listening to Hindi songs- Kishore Kumar.

    But I'm not sure about I'm passionate about those, i just like it and dat's it.

    It's really difficult for me to conclude what am I passionate about.

    I do think I am neither Master of any trade nor Jack of many .

    I don't know as if now if am uniquely qualified to solve a problem market has.

    How can I move in the direction of finding my niche ?

    Seeking your advice.


  2. Neil, my topic is not trending on Google. I don't know why? My neiche is how to start a business in 2020 but still it seems that people are not interested in this topic despite the fact that business are dooming in 2020 due covid-19. What's your suggestion on this should I continue to write my blog or shall I discontinue it.

  3. Hello Neil and thank you so much for the value you put in all your content. I want to start a blog about gaming with reviews and guides but I can't decide whether I should go with one game or multiple and I'll appreciate it if you could help me with your advice. I mean I have purchased two domains, one describing that game and another for general gaming related. Both choices have pros and cons:

    Single game:
    + I have experience with that specific game
    + Easier to manage the SEO, and the website in general
    + I can create my own content
    – I will have less traffic than targeting multiple
    – and no possibility to scale up in the future.

    Multiple games:
    – no experience with any additional games so I will require support
    – more difficult to manage since it will require more work on SEO, and website management
    – will definitely need to hire a blog writer
    + more traffic in the future
    + possibility to scale even more since I will have the possibility to add new games

  4. i want to develop an iot based startup but my family business is of furniture and electronics and already investments are done so i have to do it and sit on shop ( i want to develop an ecommerce for its growth ) what should i do as i am confused .

  5. Maybe I am searching wrong.. if I want to sell art supplies would I search that term, or would it be “art”. Another example:

    If I want to sell Jumpropes and make content around that would I search “Jumpropes” or “boxing” Or would the term fall under the “fitness” industry?

  6. Hey Neil, My passion is Art. I want to dropship art supplies. I did my research and it’s not as big as digital marketing. I know you say don’t go for small markets but would that mean it’s a waste of time?

  7. Thanks! I’m in insurance with in a very unique market. The majority of the consumer base are Chinese, and my Cantonese is not that good. It you have a creative suggestion, I’m all ears. Enjoying your videos.

  8. Hi Neil!! Is it a good idea to start a blog on "Top 10 amazing facts about ….." ? Will it generate revenue if the content is unique and enjoyable?
    Btw your videos are great !

  9. Ok I did the Google trends analysis and my niche is a 7 while digital marketing is a 90. My niche is fairly new but it's tiny when I compare it to digital marketing. How should I proceed?

  10. What are your thoughts about the fitness niche? I am passionate about health and fitness because I was once 300 pounds and losing the weight has helped change my life.

  11. Hi Neil and Adam – would love to post a question for a future video: How do you best activate new users of a SAAS platform if your product is a tool to solve a problem – but not the direct solution of the problem? Here is an example of what I mean: Let's say I sell a treadmill to a customer who wants to lose weight. The treadmill is the tool to solve the problem of being overweight – I can run on it to work out and to lose weight. But just because I bought the treadmill doesn't mean I already lost any weight. The tool has little value unless I put a lot of effort and energy into it by working out on it… every day, over and over again. And this effort it takes to work out might actually be much bigger than the effort to buy the treadmill. That means a customer who doesn't work out and therefore doesn't lose any weight might think the treadmill is totally worthless – although it's a perfectly functioning tool. This would cause churn on a SAAS platform that provides a tool, not a solution. How do you activate users enough to "work out" with your tool to get the value and results they're looking for? How do turn them from users looking for a magic pill (for a problem that cannot be solved with a magic pill) to users passionate about "working out" – even if they were really looking for magic pill? Thank you!!!

  12. Hello Neil, great vd as always. I just want to ask you that , i want to do affiliate for Themeforest, but i don't have enough money for paid Theme to review. Do you have any way ?

  13. Hello Neil, I am Aarti. I have been doing some research on SEO from past couple of days and so far I got to know upto 400 SEO tips from different websites.

    And some of them are so confusing that I can't really to proper research on them.

    I just wanna ask you this:

    #1. If I have a niche website on blogging so I will obviously have many blog post targeting the keyboard blogging. Ok. So now as per the SEO expert, this isn't good for SEO. They say that Google penalizes website who spam the same keyboard on every article.

    Now the question is how will I work on a niche site then?

    #2. I can't just invest money on themes, plugins at the same time. Already, Bluehost is costing me 300 dollars. Can't I do my SEO with some free plugins?

    Sorry for a long question but this may clear my doubt. Waiting to hear from your side.

    Edit: I just spent 2 hours on researching Keyword Cannibalism. What I found is that we should not target the same keyword for every page.

    Now my question is:

    #1. Is "food" and "Indian food" same? I mean food is also a keyword but one of my blog post will be on (for example) – Best foods for kids in 2018.

    Second will be on – 5 best Indian Foods for men in 2018.

    Will Google think that the content is similar? This is my biggest doubt at this moment. It's obvious that a niche site will focus on a specific topic and keyword cannibalism might become a problem.

  14. Hi neil.
    Just have a question. Can I build my own web 2.0 and put a backlink leading to my moneysite? Or should I just go comment on other blog post and forums? Or should I do both??

  15. HI Neil – Thanks for what you do! I am just starting out in this online business world, to get started and attract client, some people say, "lead with value" and some say "don't spend $ until you make $".Are they not contractory at some level? (e.g: IF i want to create a blog where i outsource the research and writing for traffic and SEO, i am still spending unless we are talking about me spending the time.)

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