WILL YOUR NEW SMALL BUSINESS IDEA WORK? These are the first 4 questions you should ask yourself before you spend a single marketing dollar selling …


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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for this v useful video. Do you think therapists are a niche? Or would this be too narrow? I’m also thinking to include clinics and training centres too, in this field. Thanks for all the amazing value that you offer.

  2. I started an online golf coaching program without a marketing analysis of any kind. It turns out nobody ever wanted this kind of service, and all those who encouraged me to make it work were basically being nice and didn't want to turn me down. The biggest lesson I learned is exactly this video is about: doing a market research is wayyyy more important than pretty much anything. If I had watched this video before I started that program, I would have stopped before it was too late. Thanks Alex, your video is very helpful and this is going to help a lot of people!

  3. my biggest mistake is focusing too much on which niche is profitable instead of focusing on who you want to serve and what their specific problem that you can actually solve!

  4. Can you give your whatsap number or skype id to have direct face to face conversation with you .I have saveral queries regarding Digital marketing .I hope you can help me alot.

  5. Here’s my challenge right now: I’ve been selling my online course/coaching program for about 4 years to a very specific who. (Realtors) I teach a specific selling style I want to expand my niche to all sales people. I’m trying to figure out my focus on if I should continue to serve just one demographic or open up to all sales people? Here’s what I see time and time again, people teaching a specific thing or niche (copywriting) but are able to appeal to many different industries. Do you only teach copywriting to one specific profession? Thanks for your advice!

  6. would appreciate it if you didn't spend more than half the video just to get to the actual how to, great video though ty

  7. I 'm seriously confused about what should be a copywriting niche? Is it to be the medium or does it have to be an industry, or, a combination of the two? Have not been able to decide for a long long time, and have remained stuck with no business.

  8. the link is not working… it takes me to a web page that has a button to click to get to map. The link does not work. it does not move off the landing page. Enjoyed the presentation to sell us on the importance of having a niche, would like the map to see if that clicks for me.

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