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  1. Dear sir , i am Thieyagarajan , from India, your YouTube video is simply beautiful, frankly say I am a beginner, and I am very much interested to start affiliate marketing. please guide and support me, hope I will get your favorable reply

  2. "4:34"
    Yeah I've been getting paid daily with pploncash. xyz
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  3. Hello Dale, creating the products take forever. Copying and pasting the information from Amazon. I did some research and there are many plugins that can help with creating products. Are there any specific (free) onces that you could recomend?

  4. Hi, I got inspired by you and am trying to build something like explained in this video. Only problem I experience is that the website is very slow. Also if opening it as visitor. Any advise? I'm somewhat disappointed. I've used wix.com for a website I build for barberproducts that are only sold in barbershops. That platform is very quick. Going through the website is very quick. I'm afraid in the end it will cost me viewers / potential customers if it's this slow.

  5. I got so much valuable lessons from your videos. Very clear and easy to comprehend with the click-by-click practical tutorials.

    I would love to see your next video on how to build "Price Comparision Affiliate Marketing" website like Pricerunner.com or else.
    Thank you for your pure kindness providing this kind of priceless contents.

  6. Hi Dale, I'm no expert but I'm sure downloading the images off Amazon's site directly instead of using their affiliate link images is breaking their rules if I'm not mistaken?

  7. Hey Dale great content ! I really appreciate it. I know you do a lot of affiliated marketing so maybe you can show us some tips and tricks 🙂 Have a nice day.

  8. I am planning to build an Affiliate Website and this video comes in, so I might create my own as well. You really a Big help to us. It's great to have this kind of tutorial to make money.

  9. Do we need to download and activate WPForms prior to entering into Elementor to add it to our website? I am currently in Elementor creating my website but the WPForms will not add to my site as it says:  is not installed/activated on your site. Please install and activate  first.

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