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  1. Domain names can be purchased for like 100 Rs from companies like Godaddy etc for the 1st year and they will charge more in the next year.

    But what about purchasing Web Hosting. How do they charge us. Is it charged per month or per year. Will they charge more after a specific period. Can I change my Web Host in the future.

    Please help me if I missed something in the class.

  2. Hello sir, Sir i would like to say that i am good in fashion, makeup and mehndi designs. So how should i start my own website and blog topic? please let me know

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  4. Hi,
    Mr. Deepak,
    I am a novice in this field. I know nothing at present.
    So, I have started to follow your videos one by one.
    I want to know few things:
    1.GSTIN .
    2.Trade license.
    3. Any spece/shop.
    4. Current account.
    Is any of the above neccesary for registration for affiliate marketing /digital marketing?

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