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  1. Highway robbery! This is how I lost my website name and will never buy it at this ridiculous price. How horrible that we have our domain names kidnapped for ransom because it accidentally expires due to an expired credit card. Shameful. 🙁 And Godaddy "fosters" this behavior. You ruined my small business and all that I had accomplished until then.

  2. This is highly unethical on the part of the GoDaddy. One hand, you so all domain names and on the other hand you guys make a whole video on how to use it to make millions illegally..

    Will never ever buy anything from you guys from 2021.!

    Shame on you..!!

  3. Excellent Video! Sorry for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Nanmily Domain Demythification (probably on Google)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for finding success and profit using this online traffic source minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 at last got excellent results with it.

  4. Thanks for the content. Godaddy Appraisal is such a great reference point, I usually price my domain at 60/70% of the appraised value and in most cases, I end up selling the domain in 5-6weeks. My favorite strategy is buying a domain from premium domain from and quickly flipping it on Godaddy Auctions.

  5. Promo for GD services… #1 to know is, are you just a squatter or are you legit because the overall end sale/offer… Domains are a global racket sanctioned by ICANN. Period. Do not waste money buying a lot of crappy TLDs. Period.

  6. Much like the stock market, people lose money by not starting slow and understanding the way it works. The more you learn and get experience, the better the investments and payoff. There's nothing wrong with investing in digital properties, but it can be risky if you are trying to make a fast buck

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