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  2. Hi Santrel Media, for some reason as I follow your steps to the Envato section, my Envato does not show elementor on the top like in your video. Also when I chose the kit I like it says I have to pay the 16.95 Envato account to be able to download. Is this video up to date? Help, please?

  3. enjoyed watching your videos. my website host is GoDaddy since I purchased an expired domain. getting frustrated as I haven't made any commissions, don't trust Clickbank, and having a hard time getting product acceptances from CJ associates. any suggestions?

  4. Hey everyone I was so impressed how he shares free stuff when the other people I came across try to sell me a course. Was overwhelmed to start Affiliate marketing for years but never started after watching it I built my website. I have a question to everyone what do you choose your own name for your domain?

  5. You are Amazing! I've been interested in affiliate marketing for years but been afraid to do it. Over the years, I've gone through videos regarding affiliate marketing and they take you so far before wanting you to buy their course for more info. You have provided soooo much info and value and I appreciate that. I actually feel comfortable with creating a website and actually trying this. You are such a blessing. Thank you for sharing and I am a new subscriber!

  6. great idea with google console, only I did not understand how to embed it/ install it. perhaps a topic for another video ;).
    Re amazon – wow 24 hours is so short! I also noticed a few times that even when clicking on an affiliate link and then on some other product (which is supposedly still would link the affiliate) amazon would null the extension and that link would not be visible, same happens when subscribing to places outside of amazon. so not sure if those influencers were actually getting a commission from my purchase. would be easier if an influencer had a code and there were a way to mention it while purchasing something. but of course they do not do it 🙂

  7. You completely overlooked the "Verify your site ownership" section and straight into looking at the traffic coming in from various website. You said this is important because the data will tell us how our website is doing, however you completely skipped walking us through this step. Other then that everything else was great. Do you think you can go back and cover this part. I followed you all the way up to the Google Console Search when you didn't complete this step but started going to various sites for traffic data.

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