When the most powerful executives in the world have a problem they just can’t crack, many of them turn to McKinsey – a prestigious and secretive consulting firm …


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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of working with McKinsey in the fortune 50 chemicals industry. I’m convinced it’s one of the biggest con artist companies on the planet. McKinsey is a master in telling you to do something your company is already doing in a slightly different way and charging you millions for their “expertise”.

  2. Maybe they are doing inside trading in stock market by using their clients, or they did Trump as a US president, who knows they looks like kingsmen secret service and having spy agency in the name of consulting services business

  3. Be an entrepreneur instead of working in consulting firms guys. Or better work in industries before owning an own business. Consulting is like wasting your time efforts and youth energy

  4. I don't know why anybody would hire McKinsey, when I worked at AIG we had one of those guys running around. Not sure what they charged but whatever modifications Captain Obvious came up with were…well obvious.

  5. in Canada, the goal of a lot of top business school students is to eventually end up in mgmt consulting, and more specifically 1 of the MBB (McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, or Bain)

  6. I lived in Mexico several years, and there the lads from the Boston Consulting Group were known as the 'Boston Reducing Group', cause they always came up with a massive lay-off. I just wonder how different McKinsey can be from that…

  7. Had dealings as a recruiter with these guys. Sent them someone who went to the Sorbonne, young nationally recognised athlete etc. They rejected him. Totally elitist full or privately educated toffs.

  8. McKinsey is still the best to me. They are just great problem solver in business world. Yes, there are some of well-known firms too like Accenture, Bain n Co, or even BCG. But McKinsey is something else. They offer fast, accurate, and to the point solutions. Awesome one.

  9. Despite what the Aka-Magicians and think-tankers profess, globalism is not some unstoppable force of economic nature that we have to surrender our jobs and livelihoods to, it is a policy decision forced upon the American people. Every dollar of McKinsey profit is a dollar taken out of the American workers pocket. High corporate profits via McKinsey's cost cutting advice was essentially taken out of worker's wages. You take your pick: do you want China to have the jobs or the U.S.? Despite what the Chinese Communists say it is a zero sum game when it comes to we having jobs or not. With communists they lie, cheat and steal so there is no fair trade and economic relations with them. We must decouple now and return as much industry to the U.S.as possible what cannot be done here will be outsourced to smaller nations like Vietnam (yes they are communist but a small country of 100 million), The Phillipines, Cambodia and Latin American nations. We cannot do business with a large, communist enemy like China just as we didn't do business with the Soviet Union.

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