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  1. The strategy is so critical, I am glad you are here helping everyone. Digital Entrepreneur love this 🙂 Should we wait for them to ask 'what else can you do for me?' or is there a good way to bring it up from our side?

  2. Wow, I’m so happy I stumbled upon your page. I am passionate about starting a consulting business but I’m clueless about how to go about it. I feel much more confident now. Thanks!

  3. The story you gave about the free phone call consultation is a good example of the value of knowledge with LESS emphasis on time. People won't respect the knowledge if it takes a short period of time. They will respect specific knowledge that helps them solve a problem. When I consult at some point they will get a long list of specific things I helped them with. Stuff we do naturally will look much different on paper. It will be respected much more. How can people contact each other on youtube?

  4. Wonderful video! Very encouraging and inspiring for those of us looking to convert our knowledge into dollars. If I may, though, please go back and watch a portion of your video to hear how many times you say, "Right?" People often repeatedly use that word and the word "like" without realizing it, and it can be distracting.

  5. This is a great video! I am so glad you preface the video by implying to consult you have to KNOW something in the first place. Often kids right out of college start consulting without ANY idea how a real business runs. AND consulting can't be the ONLY thing you sell for most small businesses. My company offers bookkeeping as well!

  6. Great video. I am already a business and marketing consultant and this was the motivation that I needed today. Sometimes it feels like your doing everything wrong… but thank you for your positive words that have encouraged me to keep moving forward.

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