House has no team. He’s left with no other option but to hire his janitor otherwise known as Dr Buffer. Your favorite shows, movies and more are here. Stream …


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  1. Calling him Dr. Buffer after a floor buffer is funny, calling him Dr. Buffer because he buffers House from the family is hilarious. This is why you need a team, House! Less time talking to people!

  2. House: "If you're broke, I could lend you a tiny bit of the money I owe you."
    Wilson: "No, no, I wouldn't put you in that position."

    That is true friendship right there!

  3. if you’re in a 3 story building, and you have enough time to see the building starting to shake, run up to the top floor. Most likely she’d have noticed large cracks on the supports of the building maybe a day or two before.

    The most likely reason for a building collapse would be weighing a building over its max capacity, an explosion or significant damage to structural support, or an error made when the building itself and all the measurements were being drawn up. That’s mainly because the US and many other countries have strict guidelines on what criteria the max weight/structure of the building have to achieve. In countries that are under developed however a full or half building collapse is a lot more believable.

    You’re more likely to be dug out quickly by a team using tools that would cause much less physical damage to yourself if you were positioned in a higher level of the building because they’re trying not to hurt anyone during recovery. if you’re on the bottom floor/basement it’s more likely you’ll suffocate or bleed out and die under the rubble before the search and rescue team can even start to look for you.

    So big lesson is stay away from the support structures or any beams, if you can tell where the support of the roof is located make sure you try to position yourself underneath a part of the roof that appears more frail. It might break first but it’ll hurt a lot less than a firm point in the roof and if you can get under a desk that’s near to the middle of the room or near the middle of two support structures. That is if you even have the time that’s what I suggest you do. These things can happen very suddenly and no matter how many restrictions and emergency plans we have nothing can prevent every death.

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