The Sustainable Development Goals agenda calls for transformative action to cope with major ecological transitions and their impacts on public health.


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  1. The UN should pass an order to only produce using sustainable methods of production
    And all the vehicle should be converted into electric .
    I know that it will cause a huge economic recession but if it is systematically planned and directed it can be achieved

  2. WHO is puppet of china…
    An organisation that unilaterally one sided in the language of china
    High rank officers also shy away answaring the question asked by the media..

  3. Those poor children… they have no clue the forces that are using them to carry this message.
    I really wish you peeps would have just been open about agenda 21 and made it all public and shared with us all.
    Then you could have actually started 50 years ago with taking real measures to control pollution, population numbers etc etc.
    Instead of blaming co2, and now dismantling world wide food production.
    Instead of planning behind closed doors, planning for god knows what… Nothing good or it wouldn't have had to be so secretive.

  4. Please tell truth. Why did you lie to us? Why did you report the way you did in the early days of this. Lying to us. Are you just part of the ccp? I don't trust you.

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