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  1. I'm a new sub & I do enjoy your content BUT, as a social media manager, I really dislike your click bait titles & inflated numbers. You & I both know that the dollar amounts that your making viewers think their going to earn, is not likely. The odds of someone, especially a beginner, earning $22k a month is not gonna happen. The odds of earning the money that you claim in your video titles are less than 3.5%. Why not just be honest? You never mention to viewers that it takes time, gaining subs & getting them to actually watch, posting consistency, learning & becoming an expert using your mentioned systems etc. The odds of creators getting discouraged & quitting because their not earning as much, as fast as you've led them to believe is over 80%. Maybe I should create the 1st channel on YT,
    thats honest & posts the good, bad & ugly about starting/running a channel.

  2. I want to make money on youtube because I want to take care of my father who suffered stroke because I'm the only child,my mother died if I work on youtube I will work only in my house,I can work and take care of my father one at the same time and I can fullfill my dream to work online because I am a IT graduate but now I have no computer or laptop only cellphone..

  3. keep helping others ive made a bit of money from one of your videos and i was able to invest it into vne and doubled my money in 24 hours with no risk at all @@t . You should do a video on it too thanks

  4. I wanna make money online. Your channel helped me grow on my other channels. So i wanna be your best supporter and i have been here since the start. I wonder what it will be like if i get the email…will it change anything…ill never know. But thank you for helping me with new videos.

  5. I want to make money online because my husband and I have been homeless and living in our minivan for more than a year. We are desperate to change our situation and want to have a place to call home again. I am going to follow your steps to the “T” and pray that it helps! Thank you for all you do and thank you for taking the time out of your day to teach us. I truly appreciate you! Luis and Kyle

  6. I want to earn money on youtube, because i want to finacial freedom ,and the main reason is i want to prove my family and my neighbours that i am not a dumbman , we can do anything we want.

  7. I want to make money on YouTube because I'm fed up with 9 to 5 job,fed up in trying many ways to make money online in order to clear off my debts and I would like to put a full stop to all these struggles and I should provide a good economical life to my family and make them to feel happy.

  8. i want to make money online because I live check to check and have dreams. I really want to provide for my family better I make decent money but there is no wiggle room anywhere

  9. I want to make money on youtube, because at this point i am workless and in big debs… getting the opportunity to learn so much from this channel give me the motivation to dream big… and hope one day i will be able to help others! Thank you for all your videos, hope to win the free course, i am hungry of learning all of it!

  10. I want to make money online because I want to pay off my debts, leave my 9 to 5 job, take my parents for vacation, fulfill dream of my mother, helping orphanage, old people and other needy people in this world!!

  11. I want to make money because I am 18 yr grad and want to learn new ways to grow money, as how u first learned to make money & now you are helping us to make money but I also want to learn how to become financially literate which is only possible if you enough money to learn the power of money. Thanks for your help Andy!

  12. I want to make money online because I want to fund my BYOB and share my foundation with others to utilize the same strategy before heavy adoption/the transition into the electronic economic system : Blockchain technology

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