Watch the full auction portion of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO held by RM Sotheby’s at the Monterey Conference Center. . . FINAL total purchase price: $44 Million …


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  1. I think this is just ridiculous u could build 5 apartment building and help the homeless ppl .. .. but 48 million for an old Ferrari … smh how bout putting that $$ back into ur community .. I think its absolutely absurd. But hey its ur money

  2. The gentlemen able to buy this car grew up with it dreaming about it. Once that generates passes away, I do not believe that car will be worth as much. I am in my 20’s and cars like the McLaren F1 and MC-12 will probably some of the top priced cars.

  3. Ridiculous. I will never been a fan of cars being produced in very limited numbers just so they could be regarded as gold or even more. Seriously, there’s nothing extremely special about this car apart from its rarity and exaggerated heritage.

  4. Only if they waited til after the powerball lottery numbers were announced tonight!I will definitely outbid the 48 million.Well too bad it’s their loss I will just buy myself 150 new Ferrari’s.or a nice Ferrari dealership.

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