Don’t ever write!” Imagine your High School English teacher telling you that. I was already a horrible writer in school, but this experience tainted me forever and I …


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  1. Mr. Anik I really want the whole video of it.. I would like to hear it whole could I ask permission to watch it? I also lost in writting
    could you pls. give me a link.. thank you so much

  2. Hey anik, I know this sounds a bit stupid but as a newbie I need someone like you to be my mentor . I know there are a lot of other people asking you the same so please do something about it. We wanna learn from you

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  4. I remember getting super angry in sixth grade when my teacher told me I got a math problem wrong. My self-esteem was so tied up in being "smart" that the mere suggestion that I could be wrong made me blow up.

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